Sentinel Peak – our namesake

A mountain

It is like when you are going to have a baby (maybe some can relate) – you immediately start thinking of names.  And, since this RV park is a new addition to our family, the same thoughts went streaming through our minds.  We wanted a name that would say who we are and what makes us so unique.  Something easy to remember but nothing that sounded to “resort-ish”.  We wanted an urban, modern feel that blended nicely with the local charm.  We had a list of ideas and narrowed it down to one – Gateway RV Park.  It seemed to us that it gave the impression that we were the gateway to all of the amazing districts of Tucson.  We loved it.  Todd created a logo.  We were ready for our baby!

That was two and a half years ago and many hundreds of meetings ago.  One meeting with the neighborhood association brought a new concept for the name:  “Sentinel Peak RV Park”.  It took a bit of time for us to wrap our heads around a new idea (probably a lot faster for Todd than for me).  Not being from here and only being a resident of Tucson since 2006, I didn’t actually realize that, what we call “A Mountain” is actually “Sentinel Peak”…and it is right in our park’s front yard, so to speak.

Well, of course that is a perfect name!  And there it was…our baby was named.  We are looking forward to welcoming Sentinel Peak RV Park to our family!

As I said, not being from here and only living here for a relatively short time, I knew that mountain as “A Mountain”.  Because of the large “A” that resides on top of the peak.  I knew that the A was for the University of Arizona and I have seen it change colors over the years.  I’ve heard of the rivalry between U of A and the Arizona State University and how, before big games, the A can become a target.  I actually believe ASU has now added an A to a peak near them which, I’ve heard, becomes a target as well.

There is talk among the locals that Sentinel Peak was originally a volcano and, even though the shape could certainly fool someone in believing this thought, it never was a volcano. However, the talk that there was a large volcano explosion in this area holds true by the layers and layers of volcanic rock that rests on Sentinel Peak and at its basin – 20 to 30 million year old volcanic rock.

The name “Sentinel Peak” was coined because it was the look out point for many a sentinel in the 1700’s who stood on the peak of the mountain looking to the border for Apache warriors.

Since then, Sentinel Peak has become an iconic landmark in Tucson.  Many residents and visitors alike travel to the peak to look out over the city.  When conditions allow, fireworks are displayed over the peak of the mountain which will be amazing for our RV guests!  Take a chair or a blanket and walk right outside of your coach or camper and watch the Fourth of July display without fighting crowds!  Better yet, climb up your ladder and watch from atop your coach!

What a great name to share!  Sentinel Peak…Sentinel Peak RV Park.  Maybe another iconic landmark??


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