Sunday Family Outing – Sentinel Peak RV Park Style

Just like many days in Tucson, the weather was absolutely beautiful today.  A cool breeze, blue sky with just a peppering of clouds and 70’ish degree temps.  I know for a lot of the country right now, this sounds like a place they would like to be!

We were anxious to get out of the house today.  It seems we typically have a lunch out most Sundays before my eleven year old “bonus” daughter (step-daughter) has to make her way back across town to her Mom’s.  We have our close by favorites but decided that, today, why not go down to the RV Park area and have something that our guests may enjoy during their stay!  We absolutely love the area and there are just so many options, there’s no way we can go wrong!  Even with our picky eaters who are 2 and 5.

Where to go?  Where to eat?  We decided to just drive the districts and pick a place.

BisonWitches won out.


Oh yes.  We have definitely eaten here before.  It is a small “dive” on Fourth Avenue along the Tucson Streetcar line that has amazing deli sandwiches and bread bowl soups.  By the looks of the place, you might think “bar food” but that assumption would be way off.  They have well over a dozen unique sandwiches with fun names such as Wildcat, Jayhawk, Green Turkey, Miss Pris and MaryAnn, just to name a few.  Even at your hungriest, think twice about getting a whole sandwich.  They are HUGE.  We all got a half of a sandwich that filled us up nicely.

Our lunch

IMG_0713 IMG_0712

As unique as their sandwiches are, they still have a few staples that keeps all palates happy.  Smoked turkey, Corned beef, BLT, Rueben and – in case you have little picky eaters like we do – PB&J and grilled cheese!  All sandwiches come with chips and you can also get a bread bowl soup with your sandwich.  Be prepared for leftovers!

Speaking of the bread bowl soups…if I weren’t watching my calories right now for summer weather, I would have been head first in the broccoli cheese bread bowl soup.  Since I couldn’t, I lived vicariously through my bonus daughter as she enjoyed it.  Other soups on the menu include Cream of Potato Bacon, Boston Clam Chowder, Wisconsin Cheese and their very delicious chili!


Even their appetizers are nothing to scoff at!  We got the Chili Con Queso which is definitely one of my favorite choices (so much for watching calories!)  Other options are Chips and Homemade Salsa, Chicken Cheese Nachos or Spinach Artichoke Dip.


I was hoping that, after our lunch, we could go to HUB downtown which is, not only a restaurant, but a place to get ice cream as well.  I’m not a sweet eater so I didn’t really want ice cream and our girls were chanting “DQ” so that they could get their favorite dipped cones so I can’t give you a review on HUB..yet.  However, I can say that there is a DQ along the Tucson Streetcar line – so I guess there’s a tip.

Since we were down that way, we OF COURSE drove by our property to say hello and to visualize all of your beautiful coaches and fifth-wheels parked happily in their spaces (haha).  While we were there, I said to Todd, let’s take pictures of what is around us.  We talk about it all the time and we have it listed everywhere but you haven’t seen what is literally across the street from us.

So here is a view of what you have access to by foot immediately surrounding our park.


We are essentially at the corner of St. Mary’s and Grande Avenue (the park is actually on Grande).  You would take the St. Mary’s exit off of I-10 and head down a block, then turn left on Grande.  We will be immediately to your left.  There is a large gas station before you enter back onto the freeway to your next destination.


The parking lot to this very expansive shopping center sits directly across the street from our park.  There is a grocery store, an ACE Hardware, Family Dollar and many other retailers.

There are also many food options both at this shopping center and immediately across the street:

IMG_0738 IMG_0737

Jack in the Box, Little Caesars and Church’s Chicken and, of course, a Tucson ONLY fast food joint:


Eegees is unique only to Tucson.  They have sandwiches similar to Subway but unique to them.  And you can’t have Eegees without having their french fries dipped in their special ranch.  There is something about that ranch!  It is so good!  The other item Eegees is known for and named for is the Eegee.  It is a slushie style drink that comes in lemon, strawberry and pina colada everyday of the week plus they have flavors of the month.  This month (February) is peachy berry but February is a special month because of the rodeo.  Because of that, they also offer Rodeo Root Beer which happens to be a big favorite in our house!


Other conveniences (which are a bit hard to see in this picture) is a liquor store and a new Indian Fry Bread shop!

If you drive down Grande heading north, you will find two locally owned Mexican restaurants and bakeries.  All still within walking distance.

IMG_0742 IMG_0741

Another popular option for food is across the street from the above restaurants:


Pat’s Famous Chili Dogs – Todd swears by them!

Menlo Park is across the street from Sentinel Peak RV Park and has plenty of room to picnic, play ball or to just let the kids or pets stretch their legs.  There is a playground and a pool open in the summer with slides.


The kids were getting ancy because we kept taking so many pictures but I actually never really wrapped my head around what all is in arms reach!  We know that you can get to a huge amount of places on the Tucson Streetcar but to have all of your conveniences a tiptoe away? Location, location, location!

Last, but not least, the Tucson Streetcar.  It is a bit of a walk to the pick up but we will be offering a free shuttle, so that should help those who would rather not walk.  But the pick up point is right outside of the Mercado Marketplace door!  Pick up a delicious pastry and a cup of coffee before jumping on the Streetcar for a day of adventure!



Notice A Mountain (aka Sentinel Peak) in the background!

We had a nice day getting out and having a delicious lunch!  But my favorite part was bringing our park to you!  Helping you visualize our RV Park neighborhood and to help you start planning your stay!  The latest in the park development is that we are waiting for one last permit to pass so that we can break ground.  Still shooting for March 9 to roll in the bulldozers!  We will keep you posted!

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