Who are we?

I think the time has come to introduce ourselves to you and to give you some background on our family of five who loves to RV and decided to take it one step further and build an RV park!


Todd Spencer – the dreamer with the drive to make his dream a reality.  A well known fact, when Todd starts something, he always finishes it…no matter the challenges or the amount of time it takes.  There has never been a better example of a project with as many challenges and a lot of time invested than the creation of this RV park.  It has been well over two years in the making – from the time he spotted the empty parking lot to the multiple meetings and thick binders and even now as we wait for one last approval before we can break ground.  He has been steadfast with his dream and is ready to make it a reality.

Being an RV owner, he knows what RVers look for in a park.  But hospitality runs even deeper in his blood.  He has been in the hotel hospitality business for over 20 years.  He knows the level of service a customer – a guest – deserves.  He has also developed multi-million dollar businesses within his industry so he knows how to build a business from the ground up.  A perfect combination of skills to take a rundown parking lot and turn it into a unique urban RV park.

Dawna Spencer – the homemaker, the cook, the believer in the dream.  What is the saying?  Behind every successful man is a woman who believes in him?  Well, I’m not sure if that is the exact saying but that’s the case for us.  I have not once doubted that his dream could come true.  There have been road blocks that had Todd asking the question – is this really going to happen?  I was always there with a YES..without a doubt, this will happen!

I also have a background in the hospitality business as well as event planning and marketing.  Before I became a stay at home Mom, I worked for an event planning company as well as a large production company planning corporate events for clients such as Arby’s, Brown-Forman, General Electric, UPS and Walmart, to name a few.  I am a coordinator, a planner and a list maker.  Even as a homemaker, I use these skills on a daily basis.

Building Sentinel Peak RV Park has been an adventure already.  With three girls ages 11, 5 and 2, it is quite the juggle for us.  Todd still has his full time executive position with a very large international company.  I have schools to get to, dance classes, chores around the house and three meals to make a day.  Until the bank closed on our loan, every penny (and there were A LOT of pennies) that went towards the project came out of our savings.  With total faith that this park just HAS to work!  How could it not in THAT location!  We would stay there!  Why wouldn’t others?

Todd has taken the reigns of the developmental and operational side of the park and I have somewhat fell naturally into the marketing side.  I had created, what we felt was, a very nice park welcome brochure that took me an entire Saturday to do only for my hard drive to completely crash the next day…I lost it all.  Just one of the many hiccups that have occurred along the way.  Once I get my laptop up and running again, I will start that process all over.

I have also dived into the social media arena to try and get the word out.  There truly is no better way in this day and age to get your name out there – and to meet other RVers along the way!  Best of both worlds.

We have signed a contract with a web based reservation company that will make it very easy for guests to set up and reserve their spots with a few simple clicks.  We thought they would be the ones to create our park map – which is what everyone is asking to see – but they don’t do that.  So, now I am in the process of talking to a graphic designer I used to work with during my corporate days to see if he could put it together for us.  I feel that park map is SO valuable to show potential guests!  It is one thing to say we are big rig friendly but it is another to SEE it!

We are also working on the indoor play area – getting structures that will be fun for all ages.  Maybe some pool tables?  Foosball? It is a large enough space to really make it a fun area for everyone!

We have the general contractor just waiting for the word GO!  Without a doubt, our whole family will be there to watch the first dozers drive in!  We have waited so long!

There are so many steps to take during a process like this – it is both fun and a bit overwhelming at times. I told Todd he should take notes of all the logistics that he has had to go through and write a book!

In the meantime, we appreciate everyone who has commented their support and excitement about our project.  We truly are just a family of five wanting to build a dream.

The closing

*We are missing our 11 year old in this picture – she was at her Mom’s


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